🤓 Who we are

Immigo is a venture-backed startup helping English learners speak with confidence through peer-to-peer experiences. While there are 1.5B English learners around the world, there isn’t an effective yet affordable way to practice and improve their English. One-on-one classes are expensive, one-to-many classes don’t give you enough time to speak and self-learning apps/MOOCs don’t really hold you accountable.

With Immigo, learners can quickly find the right, reliable group of peers to practice with at a much lower cost. And we are starting that journey through our cohort-based courses.

The next 10 years of learning a language will move beyond just staring at disjointed videos or gamified apps with vocabularies. Effective learning happens with live human interactions that are brought together with the same mission of learning and growing – no matter where you are.

This is an opportunity to join an early-stage startup as one of the first employees and have work that directly impacts the future of learning a language. And together, our team is driven by a greater mission to democratize access to socioeconomic mobility through English learning.

📈 Traction

🔎 The Role

As a Founding Senior Front-end Engineer, you will talk to the users, spearhead initiatives and build products to deliver the best learning experience (fun & effective) that will help students learn speak better English in 120 different countries.

Your day-to-day work and products you build will directly influence Immigo’s revenue growth and student satisfaction. From onboarding to completion to renewal, you’ll own the end-to-end student experience. As one of the first employees, you will be part of a small, core team that is exposed to all aspects of the business and juggle multiple hats simultaneously. Here are a few examples of the types of responsibilities and projects you get to work on: